Travel light, but stay connected

How to share Internet connections and files on the move, using the D‑Link Mobile Cloud Companion

It’s not just the Internet that’s changing lives, but the way we connect and interact with it using the latest generation of Smartphones and tablet PCs. But how do you access and share your content on the go from your Smartphone or tablet?

If you’ve ever been caught out by a lack of WiFi before, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to access the internet and any content you want to download or share. If you’re visiting friends and want to show them photos that you’ve uploaded to the web, or share music or videos to their devices when you’re at their house and they either don’t have WiFi or it’s unreliable, the experience can be exasperating.

A problem shared …
Fortunately you can resolve these issues with a handy little device called the Mobile Cloud Companion (DIR-505), designed expressly to address the need for connectivity on the go. And, as if that wasn’t enough, it doubles up as a power source for charging or powering devices, enabling you to travel light but keep connected.

Little bigger than a mobile phone charger, just plug the D-Link Mobile Cloud Companion into a wall socket to power it on. A small switch on the top then lets you choose which of three modes to employ in order to get it working.

Option 1 – Router/Access point mode – turns your D-Link Mobile Cloud Companion into a wireless router just like the one on your home or small business network. Attach your Mobile Cloud Companion to your router and you can give any WiFi enabled computer, tablet or Smartphone Internet access via the integrated WiFi access point.

Option 2 – WiFi Hotspot mode – When you’re on the go and want to connect to an existing wireless network but want to create a protected network of your own, you can flick to WiFi HotSpot mode and you can connect to your own secured network. You can give access to multiple people to share files.

Option 3 – WiFi extender mode – this increases the coverage of your existing WiFi network connection by extending the wireless signal to places it doesn’t normally reach.

The D-Link Mobile Cloud Companion becomes more powerful when you download the free SharePort™ Mobile app. Access to shared storage via a browser comes as standard, but add a little bit of software and it gets even easier. Available for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ platforms, mobile and tablet PC users can download a free SharePort™ Mobile app to immediately access, view and share the content on a USB device. Additionally, with the SharePort™ Mobile app installed mobile users can backup and copy content from their devices to the USB storage device.

A problem solved…
So, just by plugging in the D-Link Mobile Cloud Companion you can create your own Wi-Fi network for shared Internet access. But there’s more. Plug in a memory stick or external hard disk using the USB port provided (it’s right next to the network port) and you’re ready to start sharing the documents and files it contains, creating your own personal cloud with simple one-touch WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) for security.

Highly portable, it lets you create a personal Cloud that can be carried around in your pocket.

Travel light, but stay connected

How to share Internet connections and files on the move, using the D‑Link Mobile Cloud Companion