EyeOn™ Baby Monitor


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Keep an eye on your little one with the EyeOn™ Baby Monitor

This portable monitor transforms your mobile device into a versatile, yet easy to use baby monitor. Connect to the monitor wirelessly at home or through the Internet when you are at work, so you can check on your infant no matter where you are.
It’s packed with features to help you care for your child, including motion, sound, and temperature monitoring, as well as night vision, automatic snapshots and recording. It can even play gentle lullabies to help ease your baby to sleep!

Monitoring Your Baby Has Never Been Easier!

  • HD 720p High Quality Video

  • Temperature Alerts

  • Sound & Motion Detection

  • 4x Digital Zoom

  • Play Lullabies

  • 2 Way Audio

  • microSD Card Slot

  • Take Snapshots/Videos

Peace of Mind, Anytime, Anywhere

The EyeOn™ Baby Monitor is specially designed to make it easy for you to watch over your baby. You get a sharp 720p HD picture thanks to the megapixel monitor sensor, and night vision mode turns on automatically when it gets dark, so you can monitor your child day or night. It’s perfect for use in the home, or even when you’re away; it’s mydlink™-enabled, which means that you can check on your baby wherever you are through the Internet.
Secure wireless connection and remote access prevents unauthorised access, allowing you to securely connect to what matters most.

Sophisticated Technology to Keep You Informed

The EyeOn™ Baby Monitor can send you notifications to alert you to specific events. A temperature sensor constantly monitors the room temperature, and alerts you when the room becomes too hot or too cold to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable. It can also detect movements and loud noises such as crying, and this can trigger recording of snapshots and video clips that you can view later and never miss a precious moment.

Perfectly Portable for Instant Monitoring Anywhere

You can take the EyeOn™ Baby Monitor with you when traveling with your child, even when there is no available Internet connection. Just connect your mobile device to the EyeOn™ Baby Monitor’s wireless network for instant local monitoring, making it perfect for family vacations or visiting friends. You can even connect it to an external USB battery1 for total portability!

Easy Do-it-Yourself Setup


Connecting a camera to your network and accessing it has traditionally required complex configuration. mydlink™ makes it easy to access your EyeOn™ Baby Monitor from wherever you are, whenever it’s convenient for you. Just download the free mydlink™ Baby App for your smartphone or tablet and you can quickly and easily view and configure your EyeOn™ Baby Monitor from anywhere with a wireless or 4G LTE/3G connection. You can also log onto the secure mydlink™ web portal on your computer to see what matters most.

Super Simple to Use

Getting started is a snap; the free mydlink™ Baby app for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices not only guides you step by step through the simple setup process, but also gives you an easy to use interface for all the useful features of the EyeOn™ Baby Monitor. Check on your baby at a glance, pinch to zoom in and out with ease, or play one of five gentle lullabies to soothe your child. You can even take snapshots and video clips and save them directly to your mobile device!

1. USB battery not included, requires at least 2 A output

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This product was phased out on: 18/12/2017
This product's last date of support is on: 18/12/2019
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