Advanced infrared thermal imaging technology

Group Temperature Screening Camera Kit

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Nuclias Connect

Comprehensive and centralised network management.

Nuclias connect

Introducing Nuclias Connect, the complete locally-managed solution with cost-effective scalability.

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Battery‑powered camera kit

Wi‑Fi security.

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Smart+ Managed Gigabit Switches

Expand your business network, efficiently.

A flexible solution with advanced Layer 2 management, Layer 3 Static Routing & increased PoE output.

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Wi‑Fi Routers & Modems

Blazing speeds with maximum coverage.

Wi‑Fi Cameras

Watch over your home, from anywhere.

Nuclias by D‑Link

Business network management, refreshed.

We're Wi‑Fi experts

Faster Wi‑Fi, faster business


Whole home seamless Wi‑Fi