xStack IP‑SAN (Storage Area Network) per 12 hard disk


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The capacity of the DSN-6000 Series storage arrays can be easily expanded with the addition of the DSN-6020 Expansion Enclosure, which supports up to 12 SAS and SATA hard drives. Up to 4 DSN-6020 enclosures can be mounted in a storage array to expand the overall capacity to 240TB, and even higher capacity as larger hard drives are introduced.

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  • 12-bay, 2U rackmount storage
  • High performance – 1,300 MB/sec , 220,000 IO/sec
  • Flexibility – single and dual redundant controller options
  • Scalability – up to 60 drives (120TB with SATA, 36 TB with ASA)
  • Advanced data protection with writable snapshot
  • VMware, Citrix and Microsoft certification
  • Full RAID level support
  • 12-bay Expansion Enclosure available
  • Power saving design

D-Link’s DSN-6000 Series iSCSI SAN array is a fully redundant, data centre-class network storage solution in a 2U rackmount form factor. The DSN-6000 Series currently supports 36TB of raw capacity using 3TB drives (and even greater capacity as larger disk drives become available), and overall scalability to 180TB using DSN-6020 Expansion Enclosure. D-Link’s DSN-6000 Series provides 1GE or 10GE host interface connectivity which can handle over 200,000 I/O per second. The DSN-6000 Series integrates xStack storage architecture and supports services for applications demanding high throughput, scalability and flexible storage planning. The DSN-6000 Series can be easily implemented as primary storage, as secondary storage to supplement an existing infrastructure, or as a nearline storage device to improve backup and recovery times. Using the intuitive and integrated management GUI, the DSN-6000 Series Arrays can be seamlessly incorporated in both Physical and Virtual Server environments.

High Availability

The DSN-6000 Series can provide the failover and redundancy capabilities required for mission critical scenarios such as Virtual Machine (VM) shares, database hosting, Online Transactional Processing (OLTP), email applications, storage consolidation and other primary storage needs. It is equipped with fully redundant components for all major functions, such as RAID controllers, power supplies, fan modules, battery backup modules, and SAS JBOD expansion ports. The Hot-pluggable design is capable of providing uninterrupted services. In addition, the DSN-6000 Series incorporates advanced high availability features such as RAID 6 and RAID 60 support, writable snapshot, Microsoft Windows™ VSS support, and volume configuration restoration. These advanced features help to reduce or eliminate any system downtime. Unlike other vendors, D-Link’s DSN-6000 Series is able to upgrade to firmware without the system going offline. Both firmware image and volume handling are well protected by the redundant RAID controllers; when one RAID controller is down or has lost connection, the other RAID controller takes over its tasks immediately. This feature ensures that volumes and services are transferred seamlessly and simultaneously.


The optimised Input/Output Operations per second and unparalleled throughput are capable of providing run-time critical online services, such as Cloud storage, SQL, Exchange, and high-end surveillance storage. Furthermore, with its iSCSI interface, D-Link’s DSN-6000 Series is ideal for virtualisation environments - VMWare, Hyper-V, and Citrix. System administrators can install up to 32 Operating Systems onto the iSCSI system through the Boot-from-SAN functionality. With this feature, the multiple Operating Systems/Servers can be easily managed and protected by D-Link advanced data protection features, avoiding system downtime caused by single points of failure.

Expansion Options

The capacity of the DSN-6000 Series storage arrays can be easily expanded with the addition of the DSN-6020 Expansion Enclosure, which supports up to 12 SAS and SATA hard drives. Up to 4 DSN-6020 enclosures can be mounted in a storage array to expand the overall capacity to 180TB, and even higher capacity as larger hard drives are introduced.

Green Energy Savings

The DSN-6000 Series is equipped with D-Link Green features for saving power. A hard drive can be a very power-hungry component in a SAN. When properly configured, the power consumption of hard drives can be reduced to a minimum using the auto disk spin down feature. The DSN- 6000 Series systems monitor environmental temperatures to optimise the cooling mechanism. The fan modules respond only when needed. The power supply modules are all 80 PLUS power efficient, providing a more favorable power conversion rate. When combined, these power saving features help to greatly reduce energy consumption and increase the product’s lifespan.

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Specifiche tecniche

Single Controller Arrays
  •   DSN-6110 (4x Gigabit iSCSI ports)
  •   DSN-6410 (2x 10GbE iSCSI ports)

Dual Redundant Controller Arrays
  •   DSN-6120 (8x Gigabit iSCSI ports)
  •   DSN-6420 (4x 10GbE iSCSI ports)

Expansion Enclosure
  •   DSN-6020

Redundant controllers
  •   DSN-610 (4x Gigabit iSCSI ports)
  •   DSN-640 (2x 10GbE iSCSI ports)

Cache Memory Per Controller
  •   4 GB

No. of Hard Drives (SAS and SATA II)
  •   12

Max. No. of Hard Drives (SAS and SATA II)
  •   60 (by using 4x DSN-6020)

Power Supply
  •   2 x 500 W

  •   Auto disk spin-down
  •   Advanced cooling mechanism
  •   80 PLUS energy-efficient power supplies

  •   Hardware iSCSI off-load engine
  •   iSCSI jumbo frame
  •   Header/Data digest
  •   CHAP authentication
  •   Supports up to 32 multiple nodes
  •   Up to 128 sessions per controller

RAID and Volume
  •   RAID level 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, JBOD, N-way mirror
  •   Up to 1024 logical volumes
  •   Up to 32 hard drives per volume group
  •   One logic volume can be shared by as many as 16 hosts
  •   Global and dedicated hot spare
  •   Write-through or write-back cache policy
  •   Online volume expansion
  •   Instant RAID volume availability
  •   Auto volume rebuilding
  •   On-line volume migration without system down time

High Availability
  •   Dual-active RAID controller
  •   Cache mirroring through high bandwidth channels
  •   Flexible RAID group ownership management
  •   Management port seamless take-over
  •   Online firmware upgrade, no system downtime
  •   Multi-path and load-balancing support (Microsoft MPIO, MC/S, Trunking, LACP)
  •   Storage-based Replication

Advanced Data Protection
  •   Writable snapshot
  •   Microsoft Windows Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS)
  •   Configurable N-way mirror
  •   Online disk roaming
  •   Instant volume configuration restoration
  •   Hot-pluggable battery backup module (BBM)

  •   Serial console
  •   SSH telnet
  •   HTTP Web UI
  •   Secured Web (HTTPS)
  •   iSNS
  •   S.E.S.

Data Security
  •   Volume replication tool with multipath support
  •   VLAN 802.1Q, 802.1p support

  •   E-mail
  •   SNMP trap
  •   Browser pop-up windows
  •   Syslog
  •   Windows Messenger

OS Support
  •   Windows
  •   Linux
  •   Solaris
  •   Mac

  •   VMWare
  •   Hyper-V
  •   Citrix

AC Input
  •   100-240 V ~ 7 A - 4 A 500 W with PFC (Auto Switching)

DC Output
  •   3.3 V - 25 A
  •   5 V - 32 A
  •   12 V - 40 A

  •   2U 19” Rackmount
  •   442.8 mm x 500.6 mm x 88.0 mm (W x D x H)

Operating Temperature
  •   0 to 40 °C

Relative Humidity
  •   5 % to 95 % non-condensing


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