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What is Nuclias Cloud Networking Solution?

Nuclias by D-Link is a completed cloud-managed networking solution providing high-performance access points and switches for SMEs and MSPs.  Nuclias allows any organization with any level of IT resources to quickly and easily Setup, Configure, Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Manage, a wired or wireless network deployment remotely through a web portal and/or mobile apps.

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More "Configuration" questions:

  • Can I pre-configure the settings on my Nuclias devices prior to delivering to the end-user site? Leggi la risposta
  • Can you set a static IP address on Nuclias Access Points? Leggi la risposta
  • Can I customise the captive portal with my own HTML code? How? Leggi la risposta

Monitoring & Reporting

More "Monitoring & Reporting" questions:

  • How can adjust the amount of information displayed on the Access Point Page? Leggi la risposta
  • How can I determine if the radio is enabled or disabled on AP? Leggi la risposta
  • How can I find out if a user is logged into the Captive portal? Leggi la risposta
  • How fast is the polling of data for Nuclias access points? Leggi la risposta
  • What will happen to the statistics if I move a device from one Site to another? Leggi la risposta
  • What will happen if the clock time on the devices is not synchronised with the NTP server? Leggi la risposta


More "Troubleshooting" questions:

  • What happens if a Nuclias Access Point cannot connect to Nuclias server? Leggi la risposta

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