DGE‑660TD Copper Gigabit CardBus Adapter


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The DGE-660TD CardBus Adapter is designed to bring high-performance Gigabit network speed to you laptop computer. This PC card simply plugs to a 32-bit PCMCIA slot of your computer and connects an Ethernet network through an RJ-45 copper twisted-pair connector. This card turns your laptop computer into a high-bandwidth Gigabit workstation for high-speed network connection

High-performance Gigabit Speed

The DGE-660TD adapter gives your laptop computer Gigabit transmission on your existing Cat. 5 twisted-pair network cable. As an inexpensive alternative solution to fiber-optic, this card allows you to instantly upgrade to Gigabit without requiring you to install new, expensive fiber cables. The card supports 10/100/1000Mbps network speed auto-sensing and full/half duplex auto-negotiation

Powerful Performance

To take full advantage of the Gigabit network bandwidth, this adapter uses 32-bit high-speed CardBus design to transfer network data with the computer host. This ensures that no bottlenecks take place between your computer's CPU and your network wireless frequency. A transmit 8KByte/receive 64KByte RAM data buffer is built into the card to enhance the adapter's performance.

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