Leading independent testing group finds:

Performance of D‑Link’s switches with 10 Gigabit connectivity is ahead of competition

14 srpnja, 2017

D-Link announced that The Tolly Group, the leading provider of third-party testing and validation services for IT products and services, found that the cost-effective D-Link DGS-1510-28X and DXS-3400-24TC Gigabit Ethernet switches deliver outstanding results in performance, power consumption and MAC address collision tests.

The tests were carried out on switches that offer 24 ports Gigabit Ethernet and four 10GbE ports and showed that D-Link’s DGS-1510-28X switch outperformed competitors in cost, performance and power consumption. The Tolly Group concluded that the DGS-1510-28X switch’s cost per gigabit per second of throughput was well below competitors: 62% lower than the Cisco switch, 46% when compared to the HPE switch and 21% lower than NETGEAR’s.

The independent testing group also evaluated the power consumption of the switches at different levels of activity. They found that the D-Link switch had 51% less power consumption than that of the Cisco switch, 36% less than NETGEAR’s and 34% less than HPE switch. A lower ATIS weighted power value indicates lower power consumption and better results.

Offering these advantages over its competitors, despite its lower price, the D-Link DGS-1510-28X also matched the HPE and NETGEAR switches in L2 and L3 latency testing.

Tolly cost per Gb throughput

Read Tolly’s full independent performance report on the DGS-1510-28X

The Tolly Group also carried out tests on D-Link’s DXS-3400-24TC 10GbE Stackable Managed Switch. It was recognised as leading competitor products in MAC address collision tests, thus demonstrating its capability to deliver optimum network performance. Tested with incremental addresses, then randomly generated addresses, the D-Link switch did not miss any addresses in the incremental MAC test, while the competitor missed over 1,500. In the random test, the D-Link switch only missed 37 addresses, while the competitors missed almost 2,000 addresses.

Additionally, the D-Link switch was judged to provide superior high-availability features when compared to other products in the market. The competitor products have one modular power supply unit (PSU) and an embedded fixed fan, whereas the D-Link DXS-3400-24TC has dual modular PSUs and hot-swappable modular fans.

Tolly Mac address collision report

For more information, and to read The Tolly Group’s full independent performance report on the D-Link DXS-3400-24TC, please visit: http://www.tolly.com/DocDetail.aspx?DocNumber=217117