Does DCS-6517 support SD Card recording ?

Yes, DCS-6517 supports SD Card recording. Please refer to the procedure below:
Step 1: Login to camera web UI. Click icon, then select settings -> Recording Management -> Event Management:
DCS-6517 FAQ
Step 2: Click Add under Server:
DCS-6517 FAQ

Step 3: Give the Server a Server Name (ie: SD Card) and select SD card at the bottom of the page (You can decide if you’d like to record the cyclical recording). Then click Save:
DCS-6517 FAQ
Step 4: Configure the recording:
DCS-6517 FAQ
(1)    Give the recording a Name
(2)    Enable the Recording
(3)    Specify your desired schedule
(4)    Select Destination to SD
(5)    Choose either file size or length of each recorded file
(6)    Enter a file name prefix
(7)    Click Save
DCS-6517 FAQ
Step 5: Then you could check the recorded files under SD Card item:
DCS-6517 FAQ
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