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Locally‑managed Switches and Access Points

Nuclias Connect is for networks that require centralised management. It works with existing DAP Access Points* and has been designed with network scalability, privacy and customisation in mind. It includes license‑free management of up to 1,000 APs and provides cost‑effective scaling.

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Backwards compatibility

Nuclias Connect works with existing DAP access points*. Simply upgrade them to the latest firmware to make them compatible with Nuclias Connect.


Free remote management

Keep network management local as an on‑premises solution. Or manage the network remotely through the app or web browser by making the computer or server with the installed Nuclias Connect software publicly accessible by the remotely deployed AP.


Flexible software

Manage the network from the free Nuclias Connect software‑based controller. It runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems.

Nuclias Connect

Download Nuclias Connect for free.

Nuclias Connect is our free remote network management software designed with network scalability, privacy and customisation in mind.

It can be used either as an on-premises software management platform, or as a cloud solution.


Nuclias Connect Access Points

The Nuclias Connect network management software is ideal for managing up to 1000 APs, and it works with existing D‑Link DAPs in the network*.

With all the features you need



Free-to-Download Network Management Software

Access Points

License-Free Management of up to 1,000 Access Points




Intuitive Interface


Inexpensive Hardware Controller


Traffic Reporting and Analytics


Remote Config and Batch Config


Multi-Tenant and Role-Based Administration


Searchable and Auditable Event and Change Logs


Authentication via Customizable Captive Portal 802.1x and RADIUS Server, POP3, LDAP, AD


Multilingual Support


Payment Gateway (Paypal) Integration and Front-Desk Ticket Management

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* Devices require the latest firmware in order to be compatible. Compatible models at the time of writing: DAP-2230, DAP-2310, DAP-2360, DAP-2610, DAP-2620, DAP-2660, DAP-2662, DAP-2680, DAP-2682, DAP-2695, DAP-3315, DAP-3662, DAP-3666.