Hotel Les Amandiers (Saint‑Raphaël)

Videovigilancia IP Unificada

Hotel Les Amandiers (Saint‑Raphaël)

Videovigilancia IP Unificada

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Hotel gives its staff and guests total peace of mind with new IP Surveillance solution. 

Les Amandiers Hotel, Saint-Raphaël, France

Les Amandiers Hotel, ideally situated in Saint-Raphaël on the Côte d’Azur, France, welcomes many holidaymakers and passing visitors throughout the year. This small business employs four full-time personnel and supplements its staff with a few seasonal workers from April onwards. The former mansion has 10 bedrooms, was fully refurbished in 1998 and offers all mod-cons. The hotel was without any form of night-time security monitoring to protect the premises out of daylight hours.

Keeping the hotel secure without night security staff

Without any night security, Jean-Remy Tainturier, the hotel manager, wanted to install video surveillance cameras in order to remotely monitor the hotel’s interior (reception, floors and landings, restaurant and adjacent office) and exterior (entrance, car park and swimming pool). The priority was to install cameras aimed at preventing intrusion and making holidaymakers and staff secure. 

“We have never had any major security concerns,” states Jean-Remy Tainturier. “But I still wanted to remain in contact with the hotel in the evening, given that there is a reduced staff at certain times.”

In fact, with a hotel project in the Dominican Republic as well, Jean-Remy Tainturier wanted a solution that would enable him to keep an eye on his establishment in Côte d’Azur when he was away.

“Our guests, who are told about the presence of these cameras, feel all the more secure during their stay, which allows us to retain their loyalty.” 

- Jean-Remy Tainturier, Hotel Manager

IP Surveillance from D-Link

On the advice of IT services provider SOTEI SA, now owned by IP InfoPro, responsible for the hotel’s IT system and a D-Link partner for switching and security solutions for around 10 years, Mr Tainturier decided to install IP Surveillance cameras inside and outside the premises.

Les Amandiers Hotel now has 11 DCS-5220 and DCS-5300G motorised wireless IP cameras for viewing the various access points and public areas within the hotel. A fixed DCS-900 non-motorised wired IP camera has been installed to view the hotel entrance and reception area. It captures live recordings of motion detection images. The other cameras are just for viewing. Furthermore, for even greater convenience, five fixed DCS-3420 IP cameras, fitted with 802.11g Wi-Fi, provide a view of the outside of the hotel, including the main entrance. All the cameras are managed by D-ViewCam2.0 surveillance software, provided free of charge with every D-Link camera. The software enables up to 32 cameras to be managed centrally from one location. Les Amandiers Hotel was able to increase the number of cameras as required whilst retaining exactly the same operational system.

Peace of mind is good for business

Installation of the new D-Link IP Surveillance system has made security monitoring easy, enabling the hotel management to obtain multiple views of the premises from one central location, and even access this surveillance data remotely. And, with digital video capture, it’s more convenient to search, play back, and store the footage. The IP cameras allow the capture of high-quality images both during the day and at night, thus providing effective 24-hour monitoring of the inside and outside of the hotel. Using wireless cameras means fewer visible cables and makes it easier to relocate cameras at a later date. Adding additional cameras in the future is no problem either, as the surveillance management software can accommodate up to 32 cameras at any time. All this monitoring capability provides staff and guests with a much greater sense of security and safety at all times. Guests respond very positively to the presence of cameras and this peace of mind is good for business, making it more likely that they will return to Les Amandiers again and again. 

“All this monitoring capability provides staff and guests with a much greater sense of security and safety at all times."