Nuclias Wireless AX3600 Cloud‑Managed Access Point


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  • Nuclias cloud-based remote management (1-year license included)
  • Dual-band AX3600 Wave 2, 4x4 MU-MIMO
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning, cloud-based auto-configuration, unlimited scalability
  • Instant alerts, real-time statistics, WPA3 encryption, captive portal
  • Register for Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Cloud‑managed Wi‑Fi 6.

Manage your wireless network from anywhere in the world with this Nuclias Cloud Wi-Fi 6 indoor access point. Designed to give you the latest technology and efficiency in any setup, it’s ideal for SMB, retailers, hospitality, campuses, and managed service providers. Deliver high-combined data rates of up to 3,600 Mbps2 over 2 dedicated wireless bands with the latest WPA3 wireless security.

DBA-X2830P Nuclias Wireless AC2600 Wave 2 Cloud-Managed Access Point
Centralised Cloud management
Gestión avanzada de entornos de red basaba en la nube.

Administre la red o varias sedes mediante navegador web o a través de la app, en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento sin controlador local.1

Licencia incluida

Licencia de Nuclias Cloud Management de 1 año incluida. Opciones de renovación de 1 a 5 años.

Next generation
Wi-Fi 6

Combined dual-band 802.11ax speeds of up to 3.6Gbps.2

Zero Touch Provisioning
Zero-touch provisioning

Plug and play, autoconfiguración basada en la nube.

Escalabilidad ilimitada

Fácil de añadir o reducir en función de la demanda.

Puerto LAN Ethernet Gigabit PoE

Alimente el dispositivo a través de cable de datos Ethernet LAN sin necesidad de tomas de corriente cercanas.

Network management has never been this easy.

Nuclias Cloud is our simplest solution available and allows any organisation with any level of IT resources to quickly set up, manage and troubleshoot the entire network via a web browser, or the dedicated Nuclias Cloud app.

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Nuclias Cloud interface.
DBA-X2830P Nuclias Wireless AC2600 Wave 2 Cloud-Managed Access Point

Wi‑Fi 6 means better performance

Uses the latest Wi-Fi technology to deliver reliable wireless performance and reduce congestion, with maximum wireless signal rates of up to 1147 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band and 2402 Mbps in the 5 GHz band2.

Simple and clean installation.

It can be ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, or placed on a desk, and PoE support allows for easy and simple installation. No need to run extra power lines, and no-hassle configuration thanks to the Nuclias Cloud management and auto-configuration options. Perfect for advanced installations where technicians may not be readily available.

Wall-mounted DBA-X2830P Nuclias Wireless AC2600 Wave 2 Cloud-Managed Access Point

Seamlessly connect entire crowds to a safer and faster internet.

It supports up to eight VLANs per band, allowing multiple SSIDs to segment users. It features wireless client isolation, which limits direct client-to-client communication for added privacy. Moreover, Network Access Protection (NAP) allows multiple levels of network access to be defined based on a client’s needs.

DBA-X2830P Nuclias Wireless AC2600 Wave 2 Cloud-Managed Access Point connected to crowds of devices

Effectively organise your entire wireless network.

With D-Link Nuclias Cloud, businesses can organise their entire wireless network, manage multiple APs simultaneously, and monitor live network statistics. This enables you to focus more on providing reliable connectivity and services and spend less time managing devices.

Nuclias Cloud interface
Load balancing crowds of connected devices

Increase network speeds and efficiency.

Load-balancing optimisation effectively eliminates the need for the dedicated hardware and RF expertise that would otherwise typically be required to tune a wireless network. And BSS Colouring, OFDMA, and MU-MIMO all increase wireless network capacity and efficiency.

Scale your Wi‑Fi alongside your business.

Nuclias Cloud is designed with unlimited scalability, so you can always tailor to the demands of the business. Adding a new site or expanding an existing one is quick and easy thanks to all management and configuration being done through the cloud, with access points being ready to deploy straight out of the box.

Scaling up a Nuclias Cloud network
Nuclias Cloud at a cafe.

Cadenas minoristas

Proporcione una interfaz totalmente personalizable con el logotipo de su cliente para aumentar la notoriedad de su marca.

Nuclias Cloud being used in small businesses.


Ofrezca una red eficiente construida para el futuro. Administre fácilmente varios sitios y vea informes detallados.

Nuclias Cloud being used in a hotel.


Vea el uso en tiempo real y los informes organizados por fechas, horas y ubicaciones anteriores.

Nuclias Cloud being used at a school.

Centros docentes

Implemente switches y puntos de acceso de forma rápida y eficaz y manténgalos a distancia desde la nube.

Costes asequibles

Todos los productos Nuclias incluyen una licencia de 1 año.
Y a diferencia de otras soluciones de esta categoría, no hay licencias de funciones adicionales para comprar y los precios no se basan en el número de usuarios.


Licencia 1-Año 

(PVP rec, IVA no incluido) 


Licencia 3-Años

   (PVP rec, IVA no incluido)  


Licencia 5-Años 

(PVP rec, IVA no incluido) 

DBA-X2830P Nuclias Wireless AC2600 Wave 2 Cloud-Managed Access Point - side views

Estamos para ayudarle

30 years

Más de 30 años en el sector de redes y comunicaciones

Innovadores expertos en soluciones integrales desde pequeñas a grandes empresas de todo el mundo.

Telephone Support

Hablar con nosotros es fácil

Soporte local cualificado para ayudarle en cada necesidad Con la formación técnica directamente del fabricante.

D-Link Limited Lifetime Warranty

Garantía Limitada de por vida de D‑Link

La calidad y fiabilidad de los productos D‑Link nos permite ofrecer una garantía limitada de por vida líder en el sector.

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1 Active D-Link Nuclias account and valid device license required. 1-year license included.
2 Maximum wireless signal rate derived from IEEE Standard 802.11g, and 802.11n specifications. Actual data throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead, lower actual data throughput rate. Environmental factors may adversely affect wireless signal range.

Cloud-managed AP
Wireless standard
802.11ax Wi-Fi 6
Frequency band mode
Dual-band simultaneous
Wireless speed
1200 Mbps 2.4 GHz

2400 Mbps 5 GHz
Antenna type
Embedded omni-directional antennas
Antenna gain
3 dBi for 2.4 GHz

4 dBi for 5 GHz
Wired interface
1 x 2.5GBASE-T LAN

1 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN
Console port
Type of housing
Plenum rated (UL-2043)
Wireless modes
Access Point (AP)
Advanced features
Maximum number of SSIDs
Auto channel selection
Wi-Fi scheduler
AP traffic load balance
SSID broadcast disable
Rogue AP detection
Station isolation
MAC address filtering
802.1X authentication
Controller managed features
AP load balance

Auto-channel, auto-RF management

Captive portal
Management platform
Nuclias Cloud Networking Solution
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