Whole Home Wi‑Fi

Covr: the next gen of Wi‑Fi in your home

Covr your whole home in seamless Wi‑Fi

Covr gives you access to the internet with high‑speed, seamless and reliable blanket coverage in every inch of every room of your home, meaning you can move from room‑to‑room without ever losing connection.

Bye‑bye, buffering

Enjoy voice and video calls without cut outs, stream 4K movies without any buffering, download files, livestream gaming adventures, and share beautiful photos, all at once.

No crowds

Covr's Smart Steering technology delivers your fastest, least congested band speeds to you so you can load websites in a snap wherever you are.

Seamless connection

Covr's Smart Roaming technology enables your devices to stay automatically connected to the nearest Covr Point in your home, while Covr Points work together as one network.

Experience the future of Whole Home Wi‑Fi

Satisfyingly simple

As Covr nodes come pre‑paired, they are ready to go straight out of the box.



Covr is perfect to bring the Internet with you into your sunny garden, hobby sheds, cabins, or during barbecue gatherings.


Parental Controls

Find out what devices are connected to Covr, schedule when devices can connect, create a guest login for visitors, and block any devices you don't know.


High speed

Faster downloads, lag‑free 4K streaming, one seamless home network ‑ perfect for bandwidth‑hungry homes.


Easy to setup, easier to use

For a quick, PC-free setup: grab your phone, download the app, plug in your Covr Points, and follow the simple app instructions. Connect your smart home devices to Covr with the one-touch WPS button.


Download button for the Apple App Store.     Download button for the Google Play Store.

In‑app setup

Follow the easy in-app instructions to get your Covr network up and running with a few taps of your phone.

Access all your Covr Points through the app

All your D-Link wireless devices within reach of a tap on your phone.

Customise your experience

All settings and configurations are accessible through your phone, so you never have to log into the web management interface through your PC.



Coverage up to 450m2

Wireless AC1200

300 Mbps @ 2.4 Ghz / 867 Mbps @ 5 Ghz

3 LAN Ports per unit


Dedicated backhaul:
Powerline AV2 @ 1300 Mbps


COVR‑C1202 & COVR‑C1203

Coverage up to 465m2

Wireless AC1200

300 Mbps @ 2.4 Ghz / 867 Mbps @ 5 Ghz

2 LAN Ports per unit




Coverage up to 550m2

Wireless AC2200

300 Mbps @ 2.4 Ghz / 2 x 867 Mbps @ 5 Ghz

2 LAN Ports per unit


Dedicated backhaul:
Wireless AC 5Ghz @ 867 Mbps