Securing Softcat’s HQ with D‑Link IP surveillance solutions

Securing Softcat’s HQ with D‑Link IP surveillance solutions

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Softcat is a leading UK reseller, with the goal of helping corporate and public sector organisations address their IT sourcing challenges. With 500 employees over 3 UK sites (Manchester, London and Marlow), Softcat is a truly independent organisation with high level vendor relationships that prides itself on delivering unbiased and honest guidance to its 6,000+ customer base. With both the Manchester and London sites forming part of a larger complex, and existing security measures in place, this only left the security requirements of the new headquarters in Marlow unanswered.

The Challenge:

With a change in premises imminent, the Softcat leadership team recognised the need to assess security requirements for the new Marlow head office location. Moving to a greenfield site afforded Softcat the luxury of a “blank sheet of paper” in terms of existing infrastructure and provided no restrictions in terms of identifying the strongest and most advance technology solution on the market.

The Solution:

D-Link provided step by step assistance from assessing Softcat’s requirements and evaluating different camera and storage options, through to the installation and fine tuning of camera locations. To realise its security demands, Softcat purchased a mixture of full HD, day and night, fixed dome (DCS-6113) and fixed bullet (DCS-7110) network cameras.

The Benefits:

Immediately upon installation, the team at Softcat was taken aback by the quality of the captured images. Over time, it has benefitted from a level of reliability never experienced before. However, more tangible in terms of concrete benefits, Softcat is able to quote a number of incidents where the new security solution has proved invaluable in securing its assets or assisting in a subsequent investigation.

Knowing that high-quality, reliable security cameras keep a vigilant eye on Softcat’s Marlow premises, provides the company with tremendous peace of mind. Knowing that it has invested in a scalable end-to-end solution, perfectly tailored to its specific needs only serves to underline this level of reassurance. These, coupled with the outstanding value for money achieved by Softcat, continue to take the Softcat/D-Link relationship from strength to strength.

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