Esprinet, the Italian leader in B2B IT distribution uses D‑Link Video Surveillance solution

Esprinet, the Italian leader in B2B IT distribution uses D‑Link Video Surveillance solution

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The D-Link Video Surveillance solution installed at Esprinet S.p.A, the Italian leader in B2B distribution of IT products, is an active solution capable of monitoring a wide area, including the main head office, the warehouse and a branch office, even without the need for a human operator, enabling greater security at a lower cost. A system that alerts the administrator whenever something out of the ordinary occurs and provides proof of it, either in real time or retrospectively.

The Client

Esprinet S.p.A. operates in the ‘business-to-business’ distribution of IT and consumer electronics in Italy and Spain, and, with roughly 40,000 client retailers, over 600 brands in its portfolio and a turnover approaching 12 billion euros, the Group is the sector leader in the Italian market.

Thanks to an internet-based sales model that is unique in the sector, Esprinet focuses on the distribution of technology to retailers who serve small-to-medium businesses.

The Partner

V.T. SECURITY is D-Link’s Partner who installed the D-Link solution, from the initial site visit to the testing; a company specialising in all around security, which is involved in preventive surveillance in industrial estates, public parks and schools, special investigations and monitoring individuals, electronic recovery and file retrieval.

The Solution

The D-Link Video Surveillance solution installed at the head office of Esprinet is aimed at protecting buildings and staff, guests and service personnel, by monitoring points of entry to the building, car parks and shuttered entrances, even outside opening hours. The images captured by the surveillance cameras are recorded by the D-Link Network Video Recorders (NVRs) that ensure that events, such as break-ins, theft or acts of vandalism can be reviewed to give a clearer picture of what happened. The electronic monitoring system detects tampering and quickly alerts the administrators if the network cameras have been redirected, put out of focus, covered up or sprayed. The project included the installation of 50 D-Link Dome DCS-6113 network cameras fitted with a 2-megapixel progressive CMOS sensor, with H.264 compression, night vision and PoE support, ideal for ceiling mounting, for large spaces and for high definition video monitoring 24/7. Located on three floors in the main building, the DCS-6113s have been positioned close to the main entrances and exits, close to lifts and in corridors, and close to the emergency exits, and have been integrated into the entry alarm system that was already in place, by means of digital inputs/outputs. Installed for 24/7 monitoring and for the surveillance of the building even outside working hours, the DCS-6113 Full HD Day & Night network cameras have an ICR filter that provides sharp images with a high level of detail, in colour during daylight hours and in shades of grey at night, even in dimly-lit conditions or total darkness. Thanks to the H.264 video compression, high quality MPEG-4 and MJPEG, the DCS-6113 video cameras support simultaneous streaming and enable long recordings with high levels of detail, even over networks with reduced bandwidth.

To transform the old closed-circuit system and achieve an IP-based video surveillance system, it was necessary to integrate the network with 20 H.264 PoE single-channel DVS-310-1 D-Link Video Encoders, to allow the conversion of data flow from the CCTV cameras from analogue to digital, thereby optimising previous investments and reducing the costs of setting up a new system from scratch.