ShareCenter 1‑Bay Network Attached Storage


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D-Link’s ShareCenter™ 1-bay Network Attached Storage enables users to easily share documents, photos and digital media such as music and movies with other users on their home network or over the Internet, through a simple to use interface. It can furthermore stream stored photos, music and videos to compatible media players.

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  • Built-in BitTorrent client to download directly from the Internet without a PC
  • Touch-button for one-step backup of USB memory sticks and digital cameras
  • Print Server to share a printer with other users in the network
  • FarStone Backup software included free
  • Cloud backups with Amazon S3 service (subscription needed)

This 1-Bay Network Attached Storage (NAS) device with backup and media features make it ideal for storing and sharing photos, music, movies and work files via a home network.

Safely share digital files locally and over the Internet

The ShareCenter™ 1-Bay Network Storage device enables users to share documents and media such as photos, music and videos via their home network or over the Internet. File access is easy and straightforward with the built-in web file server, which allows users to browse and download stored files over the Internet. More advanced users can manage their ShareCenter™ from any FTP client.

Stream Digital Media Content with the built-in Media Server

The built-in DLNA-certified media server will stream the media content on your ShareCenter™ to any compatible media player such as the PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and the Boxee Box by D-Link over your local network. The ShareCenter™ 1-Bay Network Storage can stream simultaneously to multiple devices, so you can watch a movie on your TV while someone else listens to music streamed via their laptop

Do more with flexible add-ons

This ShareCenter™ device can be tailored to you needs with powerful add-ons that enhance functionality and allow you to do more. With AjaXplorer you can share files over the Internet on any web browser. PhotoCenter will create professional photo galleries and slideshows, and with the Blog add-on, you can create your own blog and always keep it updated.

Apple Time Machine

The ShareCenter™ 1-Bay Network Storage device is compatible with Apple’s Time Machine. Users of Apple computers can use this powerful feature to backup their valuable files and computer settings directly onto the ShareCenterTM, or perform a full system recovery in case a computer fails.

Pre-installed drives to get you started

The ShareCenter™ 1-Bay Network Storage device comes pre-installed with 1TB (DNS-315-1TB) or 2TB (DNS-315-2TB) drives, for a ready-made solution. Choose the ShareCenterTM that suits your storage needs, set it up through the simple installation wizard and you are ready to go.

Performance, protection and confidentiality

This 1-Bay ShareCenter™ has a Gigabit port for the fastest connectivity possible to your home network through your router. The USB port allows you to backup memory sticks and the content of your digital camera easily at the touch of a button. You can even connect a USB printer and share it with every user on your network, courtesy of the SharePort™ technology.

The confidentiality and integrity of all your files is guaranteed as you can give rights to specific users or groups and assign them to folders with read/write permissions. This function is ideal for the home, where children’s access can be restricted to only age-appropriate materials, while ensuring that nobody can delete your files by accident.

For extra protection, you can sign up with the Amazon S3 service to get cloud storage as a backup for your important files. ShareCenter™ will automatically upload backup copies of your most important files and folders onto the Amazon S3 servers.

D-Link Green™

The DNS-315 ShareCenter™ is part of D-Link Green™, D-Link’s programme for providing eco-friendly alternatives without compromising performance: if the hard drive is not used in a configurable period of time, or data is not being transmitted, the ShareCenter™ will enter stand-by mode to save power. Also, the silent fan will adapt its speed depending on the hard drive temperature.

Also available with 1TB or 2TB Hard Drives installed (DNS-315-1TB and DNS-315-2TB)

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  • IEEE 802.3
  • IEEE 802.3ab
  • IEEE 802.3u
  • TCP/IP
  • NFS
  • AFP
  • WebDAV
  • DDNS
  • DHCP Client
  • FTP over SSL/TLS, FXP
  • LLTD
  • PnP-X
  • UPnP AV
  • USB 2.0
  • Bonjour
  • NTP
  • SMTP
  • UPnP Port Forwarding

Supported hard drives
  • Hard drive type: SATA II 3.5-inch internal
  • Hard drive capacity: 3 TB and beyond

  • 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet port
  • USB 2.0 Host port
  • Power

  • Power
  • USB
  • HDD
  • LAN (on LAN port)

Disk management
  • Hard Drive Format: EXT4
  • Scandisk
  • S.M.A.R.T.
  • Support Advanced Format HDD

Account management
  • User account management
  • Group account management
  • User/Group Quota management
  • Network Access management

File sharing
  • Max. User Accounts: 512 users
  • Max. Groups: 64 groups
  • Max. Shared Folders: 128 folders (without BT)
  • Max. Concurrent Connections: 64 connections
  • Max. Concurrent FTP Connections: 10 connections

Remote file sharing
  • Web File Server
  • FTP Server
  • WebDAV

Backup Management
  • Scheduled Backup from PC to NAS (by Bundled Backup Software: ShareCenter Sync)
  • Scheduled Local Backup
  • Scheduled Remote Backup (Rsync)
  • Apple Time Machine support
  • Cloud Backup (Amazon S3)
  • USB Backup (External Storage and Digital Camera, MTP)
  • USB Copy Button

Media streaming
  • Complies with DLNA
  • Support for PS3/Xbox 360
  • Support for UPnP AV files greater than 4 GB
  • Compatible with D-Link’s new media players (including the Boxee Box)
  • iTunes Server

Download management
  • HTTP/FTP schedule download
  • Peer to peer (P2P) download

USB port support
  • Print Server
  • External Storage
  • Digital Camera (MTP/PTP)

Device management
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher, Apple Safari 4 or higher, Google Chrome 3 or higher, or Opera 10 or higher
  • D-Link Storage Utility
  • E-mail Notification
  • SMS Notification
  • Resource Monitor
  • System/FTP log (Syslog Client)
  • Yahoo! Widget
  • ISO Mount management
  • Network Recycle Bin

Power management
  • Power Saving mode
  • Auto Power Recovery
  • Schedule Power on/off
  • Smart Fan Control
  • D-Link Green Ethernet

Power supply
  • External power supply
  • DC 12 V / 2 A switching

Power consumption
  • Normal mode: 14.9 W
  • Sleep mode: 4.3 W

Operating temperature
  • 0 to 40 ˚C

Storage temperature
  • -20 to 70 ˚C

Operating humidity
  • 5% to 90% (Non-condensing)

Dimensions (W x D x H)
  • Device: 50 x 141.3 x 173 mm
  • Packaging: 274 x 208 x 118 mm

  • Without hard drive: 568 g

Multilingual support
  • Samba: Unicode
  • FTP Server: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Cyrillic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Unicode

  • CE
  • FCC
  • C-TICK
  • PCT
  • DLNA Certified
  • D-Link Green Certified
This product was phased out on: 01.06.2014
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