D‑Link Network Assistant


  • Produkt Status: Live
  • Find devices within same L2 network segment
  • Configure individual or groups of devices
  • Solve IP conflicts
  • IP and SNMP settings
  • Set device date & time
  • Backup/restore
  • Firmware upgrade

Start your journey with a better business network.

The D-Link Network Assistant (DNA) is a simple, free, browser-based interface designed to help your first-time deployment of D-Link devices and make further network management easy.

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A better network starts with easy configurations

The intuitive, multilingual web user-interface helps you configure your D-Link network devices for their first-time deployment quickly and without any hassle.

IP Conflicts
First-Time Setup
First-Time Setup

Configure your network devices for first-time deployment.

Solve IP Conflict
Solve IP Conflicts

"Auto IP assignment" to quickly set a device’s IP address within a range.

Batch Config
Batch Config

Configure multiple devices to perform actions simultaneously.


Organise and manage different parts of the network.

Interface for individual devices

Find and configure every device in the network.

Discover multiple D-Link devices within the same Layer 2 network segment and display them on your screen for instant access. It’s fast and easy to search and list unconfigured devices on your network.

It allows for a simultaneous setup of all discovered devices, including password changes and firmware upgrades. Admins don’t need to change the IP address of their PC to do any of this.

Get the most out of every device.

Use the simple, intuitive interface to set up individual devices.

Configure groups of devices to save time.

Devices can be grouped together for synchronised configurations.

Select either individual or group settings, upgrade firmware, back up or restore configurations, solve IP conflicts, change user credentials, configure the time and date, enable or disable SNMP for network management, reboot or reset devices, and more.

Multiple devices

Divide and manage the network using Workspaces.

Organise devices into custom Workspaces for you to view. Configure devices across multiple Workspaces - each with its own device list and history.

Available on multiple platforms, for free.

The free D-Link Network Assistant (DNA) Chrome extension is available to download from the Chrome Web Store.

It’s also available as a free download on Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 PCs.

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The D-Link Network Assistant is designed to help users configure and manage their D-Link devices for first time deployment and routine maintenance.


  1. Solve IP conflict
  2. IP settings
  3. SNMP settings
  4. Set device time/time zone
  5. Config backup/restore
  6. Firmware upgrade

Compatible with

  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
  • Google Chrome browser
Version Beschreibung Datum
D-Link Network Assistant for Windows D-Link Network Assistant for Windows 7/8/10 14.07.2020 Herunterladen
D-Link Network Assistant Google Chrome Extension D-Link Network Assistant Google Chrome Extension 02.03.2017 Herunterladen