Kriftel Riding and Driving Club

Horse owners from the Kriftel Riding and Driving Club keep watch over their beloved horses via Video Surveillance from D‑Link

Kriftel Riding and Driving Club

Horse owners from the Kriftel Riding and Driving Club keep watch over their beloved horses via Video Surveillance from D‑Link

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From the office during the day, in the evening before going to bed or while away on holiday - horse owners at the Kriftel Club in Hessen, Germany can now check on their horses via smartphone, tablet or a computer. In collaboration with the managing committee of the Kriftel Riding and Driving Club, some owners opted to install D-Link network cameras, which connect to the Internet, in the horse stalls. This has enabled them to use a password-protected account to view live images of their animals quickly and securely via the mydlinkTM web portal. In everyday use this application intensifies the contact with the animal, while also enabling a rapid response in an emergency. Other owners have already expressed an interest in this new technology, and horse owners from other clubs are also keen to find out more.

Simple remote access via Internet

When club members first suggested the idea, it led to an intensive discussion about data protection and personal rights, particularly the proposal of installing an camera with a view of the riding school. A number of arguments were put forward that convinced even the most sceptical members that :

• The data would not be saved.

• The data would only be accessible via password-protected access

• The camera would be positioned far enough away from the riding area to make it impossible to see individual details.

D-Link products provided a simple solution that is easy to install without indepth technical know-how: The team from the Riding Club installed mydlinkTM - enabled DCS-942L Enhanced Day/Night Could Cameras in the horse stalls, which were connected remotely to the existing internet connection using a DAP-3310 Wireless Outdoor Access Point. In tests, the Access Point achieved coverage of up to two kilometres: in the Kriftel Riding and Driving Club it spans a distance of around 100 metres. The cameras are fitted with infrared LEDs so that the horse stalls, which measure four-by-four metres, can be monitored even at night. At last the owners have the chance to watch over their horses as they sleep. If they connect an external speaker directly to the camera they can even wish them good night, giving a sense of wellbeing.

The owners can configure the cameras quickly and easily to trigger motion sensors in the night. A passive infrared sensor in the camera reacts to changes in temperature in order to register any suspicious movements. The horse owners then receive an immediate notification message on their smartphone or via an e-mail, depending on the configuration. They can then immediately check to see what‘s happening in the horse’s stall and speak directly to the intruder via the speaker. Experience shows that the element of surprise is enough to drive away most strangers.

Safely from stable to cloud

Access to the live images comes via mydlinkTM, the D-Link cloud server. No data is stored here; it only serves to provide connections to the relevant IP addresses of the cameras. The server automatically connects to the camera in just a few seconds and maintains this connection. Access rights to the video camera are only granted to the authorised user who has secure login credentials. For horse lovers it makes no difference from a technical point of view whether they want to view the images on a computer or via an app on a tablet or smartphone. They can even take snapshots or short films of their animals to send to family or friends. The D-Link DCS-942L cameras also have an integrated microSD slot and a 16 GB microSD card, which can be used without the need for any additional hardware, to record images over a period of up to one week. Overall, the main feature that impressed the team at the Riding Club was how simple it was to install and start operating the D-Link devices