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5G/LTE Outdoor CPE


  • Dostupnost produktu (Revision A1): Live
  • Lightning-fast 5G wireless speeds of up to 4Gbps
  • IP67 weather-resistant design
  • 6 x 5G/LTE internal antennas, SIM unlocked
  • 2.5 Gbps Ethernet LAN port with PoE
  • Plug and play, and web UI for advanced configuration

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Connect to superior outdoor 5G wireless.

Deploy this easy-to-install, high performance 5G/LTE outdoor CPE device. Equipped with a rugged IP67 weather-resistant housing, and flexible deployment options, it’s ideal for both large-scale and individual deployments.

Lightning-fast 5G

Next-gen 5G with dual-mode which enables selection between 5G and LTE connectivity based on signal reception quality.

Built for the outdoors

IP67 weather-resistant rating for water and dust resistance.

2.5 Gbps Ethernet

x1 2.5 Gbps 802.3at-compliant Gigabit Ethernet LAN port with PoE to connect to PoE injector or CPE

Plug and play

Get started immediately with our free EZ Site-Survey mobile app for optimal positioning

High-speed 5G Internet with dual-mode

Connect with next-generation 5G speeds of up to 4 Gbps and experience lightning-fast downloads, lower latency and reduced congestion.

It features x6 built-in powerful 5G/LTE D-Link antennas, and the DWP-1010 also supports fallback from 5G to LTE so you’ll always be connected.

Withstands the weather

Built with a rugged IP67 weather-resistant housing to help protect the DWP-1010 from extreme weather and provide clear reception, so you can continue to receive the best connectivity possible — come rain or shine.

Simple installation with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Comes with a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet LAN port with support for PoE, allowing a single Ethernet cable to carry both data and power to a device. No need to run extra power lines, no added hassle when configuring your hardwiring, and no more cable clutter.

Easy to install, use and manage

Comes with flexible installation options - it can be pole or wall-mounted to get the best reception. The accompanying free EZ Site-Survey mobile app helps you position the DWP-1010 to get the best 5G signal for the fastest download and upload speeds.

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