D‑Link Assist

Support for business customers

If the worst should happen to your network you need the very best support and fast. Downtime costs your business money. D-Link Assist maximises your uptime by solving technical problems quickly and effectively. Our highly-trained technicians are on standby around the clock, ensuring that award-winning support is only a phone call away.

With a choice of three affordable service offerings covering all D-Link products, you can select the package that suits you best:

D-Link Assist Gold for comprehensive 24-hour support
D-Link Assist Gold is perfect for mission-critical environments where maximum uptime is a high priority. It guarantees four hour around-the-clock response. Cover applies 24/7 for every day of the year, including holidays.

D-Link Assist Silver for prompt same-day assistance
D-Link Assist Silver is designed for ‘high availability’ businesses that require rapid response within regular working hours. It provides a four hour response service Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, excluding holidays.

D-Link Assist Bronze for guaranteed response on the next business day
D-Link Assist Bronze is a highly cost-effective support solution for less critical environments. Response is guaranteed next business day Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm, excluding holidays.

D-Link Assist can be purchased together with any D-Link business product. So whether you're buying switching, wireless, storage, security or IP surveillance equipment from D-Link, your peace of mind is guaranteed. D-Link Assist also offers installation and configuration services to get your new hardware working quickly and correctly.

D-Link Assist is available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland*, France, Germany, Hungary, Republic of Ireland*, Italy*, Luxembourg*, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway*, Poland*, Portugal*, San Marino*, Spain*, Sweden*, Switzerland*, United Kingdom and Vatican.

(*Partial service available)

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D-Link Assist is sold through our network of resellers.

To find out more about D-Link Assist for your business today please contact your usual D-Link reseller or visit our Where To Buy section.