2K QHD Pan & Zoom Outdoor Wi‑Fi Camera


  • състоянието на продукта (Revision A1): Live
  • 2K QHD with night vision
  • Glass-break detection
  • AI-Based automatic person tracking
  • Motorised 360° coverage
  • Weatherproof
  • Two-way audio with siren

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Smarter Surveillance, simpler than ever

See your home in vivid detail with 2K QHD 1440P resolution and let advanced built-in AI-powered event detection alert you to motion that matters.

Motorised Pan for 360‑Degree Coverage

The DCS-8635LH comes with a motorised pan so you can point the camera to wherever you want to see, straight from your smartphone, giving you a clear view of anywhere inside or outside your premise with a single camera.

Integrated AI‑Based Motion and Sound Detection

AI-based motion and sound detection processes information in real-time, intelligently picking out human and vehicle shaped objects, as well as the sound of breaking glass. Intelligence is integrated within the camera — meaning detection is faster, requires less bandwidth and is subscription free.

Know what’s happening 24/7, in any weather, day or night

2K QHD 1440p video streaming allows you to see in incredible detail, even at night in complete darkness, for up to 7m.

Its IP65 rating enables you to place the camera where you need to and protects it from dust and rain.

Glass‑Break Detection with built‑in 90db siren and 2‑way audio

The DCS-8635LH is one of the world’s first Smart Home cameras with an integrated glass break detector. If glass is broken, you’ll be notified immediately to keep your home and your loved ones safe if potential danger is near.

Simple setup

The DCS-8635LH has built-in Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 technology for a no-fuss setup, as well as a flexible stand so you can point the camera where you need it — with wall, ceiling, and pole mount accessories included.

Record videos to the camera, the cloud, or your phone

When sound or motion is detected, the DCS-8635LH can automatically record videos directly to a microSD card, or upload the footage safely to the mydlink™ Cloud - ready to be viewed later from anywhere.

You can also manually record directly onto your mobile devices through the mydlink™ app.

Record to external hardware.

Easily record streams to your ONVIF compliant NVR, VMS or NAS system for centralised viewing or continuous, 24/7 recording using the camera’s support for ONVIF Profile S. You can also use an ONVIF compliant device to control your camera’s settings without using the mydlink™ app.

Достъп по всяко време и отвсякъде.
Запис в mydlink™ Cloud.

Записът в облак прави лесно и удобно грижата за семейството и наглеждането на дома и офиса. С безплатен или премиум абонамент за запис в mydlink ™ Cloud- сте по-скойни като знаете, че вашите видеозаписи се запазват автоматично на облачен сървър.

Recording Възпроизвеждане на видео записи.
Гледайте директно от Mydlink ™ Cloud или запазвайте видеоклипове на мобилното си устройство.
Liveview logo Гледане на живо
Имате достъп до картина на живо от вашите камери отвсякъде и по всяко време.

Smart Home Compatible Geofencing
Automatically change Scenes as you leave and return home.

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Разберете всичко, което се случва и предприемете действия дори при заключен екран.

Push известия с видео ви позволяват да разберете по-добре какво се случва и ви дава възможност да предприемете действия, като например да пуснете картина на живо или да позвъните на съсед, всичко това без да отключвате телефона си и да влизате в приложението mydlink ™.

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Hands‑Free Voice Control

The camera plays nice with the Google Assistant and Alexa. Use voice controls to stream live video from your camera to Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show, Echo Spot or Google Chromecast.

Works with the Google Assistant.  Just ask Amazon Alexa.

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