Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor


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Battery powered

Lasts up to 1.5 years, on 2 AA batteries. No need to plug into a power outlet

Instant water detection alerts

Alerts your phone when water has been detected and at what time

Works with Google Assistant

Alerts from Google Assistant through the app on your phone, smart speakers, or Google Home devices

Smart home compatible

Trigger actions for other mydlink™ smart home devices

Works with your home Wi-Fi

Connects to your existing home network, no hub required

Built-in 90dB siren

Audible alerts when water is detected

Wall mountable

Mounting screws included for easy installation

2 години гаранция

Защитени от един от световните лидери в бранша.

Protect your home from water damage

Be the first to know about any water leaks in your home before any flooding occurs and expensive repairs are needed. A push notification goes straight to your phone, and the sensor’s alarm will provide an audible warning of water leaks and floods.

No leak out of reach

Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Basements

The compact sensor can fit under the appliance to detect water.


Sinks, Baths

The sensor cable is long and flexible for optimal placement.


Water Heaters, Boilers, Radiators, Burst Pipes

Wall-mount screws are included to actively detect flooding without submerging the device.


Refrigerators, Freezers

Works with other mydlink™ smart home devices and Google Assistant to instantly alert and assist you when leaks occur.


Long and flexible cable

Place the smart water sensor, with its 1.8m cable, in the optimal position. The sensor’s compact design allows it to fit into smaller gaps to reliably detect moisture and prevent water damage in properties.

How it works

Simly download the free mydlink™ app and select ‘add a device’. It connects seamlessly to your home Wi-Fi network. It also works with other mydlink™ smart home devices, and Google Assistant. Save your smart home from water damage. No monthly subscription charges and no hub required.

 One-Tap One-Tap
Easily turn on/off multiple devices as well as detection alerts with a simple tap.
 Schedule Home Automation
Set up automation rules through interaction and scheduling

mydlink app smart home automation icon  Download button for the Apple App Store.  Download button for the Google Play Store.

More help around the house

Make your home life easier by setting up home automation with mydlink™ combination actions. Turn a light on automatically when a leak is detected and send an alert to your mobile phone. Creating ‘recipes’ of actions get your smart home devices interacting with each other to give you more control and help protect your property from floods.

The sensor is compatible with Google Assistant devices so you can easily know what’s happening at home when your hands are full.

Works with the mydlink app and  Works with the Google Assistant

Raises the alarm at the first sign of water

It will instantly send a notification to your device, and the 90dB siren will activate as a warning that a water leak has been detected. The siren is ideal for when you’re at home, or for a neighbour with a spare key during an emergency.

Hassle-free battery life

It uses 2 AA batteries that last for up to 18 months1 and are easily replaceable. The battery percentage is shown on the mydlink™ app so you can know in advance when to change the battery.

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2-годишна гаранция от D-Link

Предоставена от световен лидер в бранша.

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Compatible App
Product type
Water sensor
mydlink Automation

1 1.5 year battery life based on standby time with no detections.

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