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Значимост в партньорство + програма

Значимост в Партньорство+ програма на D-Link помага на търговците/препродавачите, интеграторите в областта на сигурността и доставчиците на решения с добавена стойност да изграждат и развиват устойчив и печеливш бизнес, като продаватрешения на D-Link и диференцирани услуги.


Програмата осигурява достъп до награденото ни портфолио от продукти и услуги, както и широка гама от предимства с висока значимост, достъпни само за нашите регистрирани партньори. Разграничението е възможно чрез обучение, както и специализация и продажби.

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Налични само за нашите регистрирани партньори, тези инструменти за проектиране на системата и избор на продукти ще Ви помогнат да създадете и симулирате правилните мрежови решения преди продажбата.

Bandwidth Calculator
Bandwith Calculator

Network bandwidth and storage requirements are important when designing a surveillance system. The factors include the number of cameras, the image resolution, the compression type and ratio, frame rates and scene complexity. This tool helps you to identify the required Bandwidth.

Surveillance Planner
Surveillance Floor Planner Pro

A web-based tool designed to make your surveillance project planning easier, the Surveillance Floor Planner Pro enables you to select cameras and simulate camera placement and coverage based on your customer requirements, ensuring you can then present a professional video surveillance solution to your customers.

Wi-Fi Planner Pro
Wi‑Fi Planner Pro

A pre-sales tool for Partners which can be used when planning wireless network projects, the intelligent algorithm provides a visual representation of RF signals for all of D-Link's wireless network products that simulates the Wi-Fi environment prior to actual deployment. You can also save any wireless network project planning proposals online.

Product Selector Pro
Product Selector Pro

A straight-forward tool which allows you to select and compare D-Link products, it has been designed to make it easy for our Partners to provide their customers with advice on which products to use when setting up or upgrading a network or adding functionality, such as IP Surveillance and network storage solutions.

GUI Emulator Pro
GUI Emulator Pro

An interactive tool which takes you through the Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) that are provided with each of our products, it has been designed so that you can easily familiarise yourself with the features and functionality of the selected product – ideal for product training for employees, as well as helping you to answer your customers’ support queries quickly and efficiently.


Значимост в Партньорство+ равнища

Value in Partnership+ Registered

Registered partner

Access to restricted D‑Link information, product training and certification, and a full range of sales support materials and tools, such as the GUI Emulator Pro and Product Selector Pro.

Value in Partnership+ Bronze

Bronze Level

Along with access to all tools on the partner portal, Bronze level partners have access to exclusive promotions, project pricing and Demo Purchase Programme.

Value in Partnership+ Silver

Silver partner

In addition to baseline program elements, Silver level benefits include volume incentive rebates, MDF, dedicated account management, product roadmap rebates and priority.

Value in Partnership+ Gold

Gold partner

The highest level of achievement with additional benefits including the highest quarterly volume incentive rebates and priority for qualified learning as well as specialisation and sales.