Worry‑free business security. Wire‑free simplicity.

mydlink™ Pro Wire-Free cameras can protect any business. Designed to be discreet, all-season weatherproof, and completely wire-free so you can place them virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors. The magnetic wall or ceiling mount allows the cameras to be repositioned easily, and with 1080p Full HD clarity, you can record every detail for your peace of mind.

DCS-2802KT Wire-free Camera in a cafe
Motion detection on the mydlink app

Watch over your business 24/7.

The Wire-Free Camera’s advanced Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) motion detection greatly reduces false alarms. When motion is detected it automatically starts recording and sends an instant alert to your phone.

Built-in infrared LED night vision allows you to see up to 7.5 metres, even in complete darkness.

Talk to staff. Instruct deliveries. Scare off intruders.

Two-way audio on each camera allows you to listen and talk back through the mydlink™ app.

Two-way audio on the Wi-Fi Battery Camera
DCS-2802KT Wire-Free Camera Kit with two extra DCS-2800LH Wire-Free Battery Cam

Protect every angle of the business.

See more of what’s going on with each camera featuring an industry-leading 140° wide-angle lens. And the IP-65 weatherproof housing protects each wire-free camera from harsh weather and dust.

Up to x4 cameras
The hub supports up to 4 cameras so you can add additional DCS-2800LH-EU cameras to cover even more areas and can scale up as your business grows.

Lasts longer

Each camera is powered by high-capacity lithium batteries, giving you 6 months of operation without the need to recharge1.

1. Calculation based on approximate camera working time: 3 min/day with no live viewing.

Easy to install yourself.

No need to call out expensive installers or purchase additional equipment like Network Video Recorders. Our affordable, wire-free cameras in the kit come pre-paired with a hub and are easier to move around to new locations if your business requirements change.

They’re simple to install in less than a few minutes without any professional experience needed. All you need is some time and a few tools. Download the free mydlink™ app to your phone and with a few taps, the app will guide you through the entire setup process.

DCS-2800LH Wire-Free Battery Cam

Dedicated Alarm.

Trigger the alarm remotely, or select for any motion detected by the cameras to set off the hub’s built‑in smart security siren that measures 100+ decibels ‑ that’s loud enough to drown out a pneumatic drill.

The DCS-H100 hub included in the DCS-2802KT-EU

Имате достъп отвсякъде и по всяко време до видеозаписите в безплатния mydlink™ Cloud

Записът в облака ви дава спокойствие, тъй като видеоклиповете се запазват автоматично в mydlink ™ Cloud. Имате безплатен достъп до кадри от последните 24-часа, като на разположение са и платени абонаменти за съхранение в облака, които започват от 2,49 € / месец. Намерете всеки клип, като филтрирате вашите записи по тип събитие, дата, устройство и местоположение. Разберете точно какво се случва - гледайте записи от облака или изтегляйте видеоклипове на телефона си отвсякъде и по всяко време.

Научете повече за записите в облака
Cloud Recording security camera

Local storage.

The hub also has a microSD card slot and a USB port for connecting an external hard drive and storing videos locally.

microSD card and usb external storage

The storage options on a DCS-H100 hub
DCS-2800LH camera in a cafe

Smart business security.

Make business operations easier with automations. Ask Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to show you the live view of your camera to see what’s happening when your hands are full.

Personalise your smart security experience with IFTTT automations that get your camera working with other smart devices. Turn the lights on automatically when motion or sound is detected or send an SMS or e-mail to notify staff that you choose.

Learn more about mydlink™

mydlink badge, google assistant, amazon alexa, IFTTT badges

Know what’s happening and take action, from your lock screen.

Rich push notifications show you what's happening, and gives you the option to choose actions like see the Live View, call a contact, or call the police, all without unlocking your phone.

Rich push notifications

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