24‑port Fast Ethernet Layer 2 PoE xStack switch


  • Product Status (Revision A): End of Life

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xStack Integration
  •     Virtual Stacking of up to 32 units
  •     Embedded D-Link SIM for integration all xStack Switches
  •     1 Physical Stacking of up to 8 units

  •     4K VLANs Support
  •     Selective Q-in-Q and VLAN Translation
  •     MAC-based VLAN
  •     802.1v Protocol-based VLAN

  •     L2/L3/L4 Multi-Layer Access Control
  •     External RADIUS/TACACS+ Authentication Support
  •     SSH/SSL Support
  •     Guest VLAN
  •     Web-Based Access Control (WAC)
  •     MAC-Based Access Control (MAC)
  •     IP-MAC-Port Binding
  •     D-Link Safeguard Engine
  •     Supports Microsoft NAP


Quality of Service

  •     802.1p Priority Queues/Multi-Layer CoS
  •     IP Multicast Support for Bandwidth-Intensive Applications


Traffic Monitoring/Bandwidth Control
  •     Port Mirroring
  •     Traffic Segmentation
  •     Bandwidth Control Down to 64bps
  •     Broadcast Storm Control
  •     Committed Information Rate
  •     RMON v1/v2 Support



  •     Web-based GUI
  •     Command Line Interface (CLI)
  •     SNMP v1, v2c, v3 Standard
  •     D-Link Single IP Management (SIM) v1.6
  •     D-View SNMP Network Management Module Provided
  •     Telnet Client/Server

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This product was phased out on: 30/12/2014
De laatste dag dat ondersteuning beschikbaar is voor dit product is op: 29/12/2019
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CLI Reference Guide CLI Reference Guide 28/02/2013 PDF 4.11mb Download
Manual Manual 28/02/2013 PDF 11.86mb Download
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Please see the Releasenote for 3.00.012

Please see the Releasenote for further information

11/01/2012 Download
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DEU_CE_Declaration_A2_RevA Declaration of conformity 28/05/2012 Download
DEU_CE_Declaration_A1_RevA Declaration of conformity 4/06/2009 Download