How do I configure my DWL-810 in ad-hoc mode?

Step 1 From a computer that is hard-wired tothe DWL-810 , open your internet browser and enter the IP addressof the DWL-810 (

Step 2 The DWL-810 logon screen should come up.Type the username (admin) and the password will remain blank.

Step 3 Once you are logged in click on theWireless tab. From the Wireless settings page selectAd-hoc as the operation mode and enter an SSID forthe Ad-hoc network.

Step 4 Click Apply to save thesettings and Continue to return to the DWL-810 configuration.

Note: Be sure that any device that will beassociating with this Ad-hoc network is configured with the samechannel and have the exact same SSID as the DWL-810 .

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