How do I enable encryption on my DWL-810?

Step 1 Open your web browser and type the URL address box and then press Enter.

Step 2 At the login type admin for the usernameand leave the password field blank. Click OK. Onceyou have logged in, the Home screen will appear.

Step 3 Click on the Wirelesstab.

Step 4 Select Enabled next to theWEP radio buttons. For WEP Encryption select 64, 128, or 256-bitencryption. For the Key Type select HEX.

Step 5 Select Key 1. In the box, enter a HEX key(a random encryption key that you make up). The length of theencryption key will depend on what you selected under WEPEncryption. The Hex key must be exactly the same on all yourwireless products.

64-bit encryption 10 characters 128-bit encryption 26 characters256-bit encryption 58 characters

The encryption key is HEX, meaning 0-9 and A-F are validcharacters.

Step 6 Set the Authentication to SharedKey. Make sure your other wireless products are set toShared Key.

Step 7 Click on the Apply buttonthen click on the Continue button to save yoursettings.

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