XtremeG 108M Wireless Access Point


  • Product Status: Phased Out
  •     802.11g 2.4GHz standard
  •     Up to 108Mbps (Turbo mode) high-speed transmission
  •     10/100BASE-TX port for connection to Ethernet or DSL/cable modem
  •     Compatible with existing 802.11b wireless devices
  •     Built-in DHCP server for multiple user access
  •     5 operation modes: AP, AP client, point-to-point bridge, point-to-multi-point bridge, repeater
  •     64/128/152-bit WEP data encryption
  •     WPA security with 802.1x RADIUS user authentication
  •     Web-based configuration & management
  •     2-year warranty


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Version Date Type File Size
Datasheet (English) - PDF 0.32mb Download
Version Description Date Type File Size
Manual (English) Manual (English) - PDF 4.52mb Download
Version Description Date Type File Size
1.00 Quick Installation Guide (English) 1.8.2008 PDF 2.78mb Download
DWL-2100AP Quick Installation Guide - PDF 2.75mb Download
Version Description Date
Firmware 2.50eu rc552 Firmware 15.11.2011 Download
Version Description Date
AP Manager v2.50 release 19, 2.50 r19 AP Manager v2.50 release 19, fv 250jp release 375 26.1.2009 Download
Version Description Date
CE doc Revision A5 CE document 11.3.2013 Download
DEU_CE_Declaration_vA5_1_RevA CE Declaration - ver A5 (English, French) 4.9.2009 Download
CE doc Revision A4 CE document 18.2.2009 Download
DEU_CE_Declaration_vA4_2_RevA CE Declaration - ver A4 (English, French) 5.2.2009 Download
DEU_CE_Declaration_vA3_5_RevA CE Declaration - ver A3 (English) 14.3.2005 Download
DEU_CE_Declaration_vA2_6_RevA CE Declaration - ver A2 (English) 22.3.2004 Download
DEU_CE_Declaration_7_RevA CE Declaration (English) 29.1.2004 Download
UK_Diagram_RevA DWL-2100AP Diagram - Download