2‑Port USB KVM Switch


  • Product Status: Phased Out
The D-Link DKVM-2U is a 2-port USB-based KVM switch for controlling two computers using a single monitor, USB keyboard, and USB mouse. The DKVM-2U minimizes clutter on your desktop with its compact design and built-in cables.
The widespread adoption of USB connectivity makes the DKVM-2U a great addition to your home or office. Each set of built-in cables on the DKVM-2U easily connects to a computer’s VGA port and any available USB port, providing you with effortless installation. You get added fiexibility with the DKVM-2U’s hot-plug capability: add or disconnect computers simply by plugging or unplugging the cables without having to power down your computers!

The DKVM-2U is simple to use with features such as: at-a-glance LED indicators for computer status, keyboard hot keys and “Select” button for switching between computers, and an autoscan mode for automatically detecting computers connected to the switch.

The DKVM-2U is compatible with virtually all Windows® operating systems, and requires no software, extra power supplies, or accessories.

Versatile and convenient, the D-Link DKVM-2U can be easily integrated into your existing desktop environment at home or in the office, or anywhere you need to manage more than one computer.
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